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Sticker Dad FAQ

What is a Decal?

At our decals are all vector images that are die cut into colored rolls of vinyl. The decals are usually one color and have no background color. the background is cut away leaving your object to take that place. Each decal consists of three layers: the top layer (Transfer Tape), the middle layer (Vinyl Media), and the bottom layer (Wax Paper Backing). The Transfer Tape top layer allows you to grab the Vinyl Media and apply it to your Wall, Car, Boat or wherever it might be. Once you squeegee it down into place, you can then remove the transfer tape leaving you with a perfect decal. Custom decals are available upon request, please email us directly at:

What is a sticker? stickers can be a sticker of any image you found online to an image you have saved on an old camera. Our stickers are printed on vinyl media that can get wet and take the abuse paper stickers can’t hold up to. We can produce stickers that are unlike most traditional stickers that are only available in Circles, Rectangles, and Squares. StickerDad can make just about any shape or we can customize the cut to contour around your design! If you need any custom work, we are here to help! Please email us directly at:

What is the best way to apply a decal?

The best way to apply a decal is using a squeegee. Take the decal and lay it on a flat surface and squeegee it so that the top layer adheres again to the decal itself. Then pull teh transfer tape back slowly at a 45° angle. Once the decal is off the wax paper it can be applied to almost any surface depending on the media chosen.

What is the best temperature to apply decals?

Decals can last in any climate but they must be applied at about 70°. They can be applied any time really, but this is what is recommended.

What size decal should I get?

This all depends on where you want the decal on a car you are limited to space so you might not want that big; the most common size is 4-10″ but if you want larger the most common is 22″. The best thing to do is whip out the old measuring tape and figure out how tall and wide. If things need to be precise we recommend leaving us a note during checkout with all the details.

Do the decals have a background?

All of the decals are die cut and one color. They are not outlined and they do not have a background the background becomes the color of the object you apply the decal to. The most common color is white because most windows have a little tint. Once applied the decal appears white and black when the black is really your window.

How long will the decals last?

This depends on the media chosen. If you choose the car media which is good for almost anything it will last outdoors up to 6 years. The Wall material on the other hand is meant for indoor use and will last for much longer since it’s not exposed to the elements. If the Wall decals are used outdoors they won’t last longer than 2 years. You can use the wall media inside your car and just order it reversed. This helps prolong its life and the decal is much easier removed

What should I use for my application car or wall material?

You should use a Squeegee they are a must have to push out the bubbles and have a smooth application. You may also use the straight edge of a credit card, but we do recommend a squeegee.

How do I make the decal face the other direction?

To make the decal face the other direction, order it in reversed/mirror.

How do I apply a decal from the inside of my car to face outside correctly?

To apply a decal from the inside of your car window to face it outside correctly just order it in reversed/mirror

Will my windshield wipers affect the decals?

They will not, they will slide right over the decals

I want a smaller decal than what is offered can you do that?

Some decals we can do it some decals we can’t. Most we can though just shoot us an email at with the exact item number and we will let you know.

How do I remove the decals?

The Car decals are permanent decals but don’t let that scare you they come off really easy you just need to know what to do. The best way is to use a hair dryer or heat gun and the decals turn to butter and come right off. The other way which I prefer and WONT SCRATCH YOUR GLASS is to use a razor blade, preferably with a handle to it but alone works as well. Using both methods together is the easiest way to do it.

I want to add custom text to a decal how can I do that?

If you want custom text it??s no problem. Please email us at prior to placing the order.

How was my decal shipped?

All decals are shipped out by USPS either first class mail or priority mail.

When will my decal arrive?

The decals are processed right away most of the time we have the decals shipped out within 24-48 hrs. and shipping takes 3 – 9 Business days (No Weekends or Holidays). With holidays it could be a little longer.

Do you ship internationally?

We do ship internationally to anywhere in the world. ANYWHERE!!!

If my decal came bent is it ruined?

First off the decal shouldn’t come bent but if it does you are still in luck. The decal itself isn’t what is bent it is the paper below the vinyl that is. The vinyl is very flexible so it will apply and you won’t even notice anything. Just be sure you have a squeegee for application and just follow the instructions as always.

I want a custom decal how much more are custom decals?

Custom decals cost the same as normal decals just email us your image and we will let you know if we can do it then we will send you a custom invoice. Send images to:

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